About me.

I thought I would start Blogtoberfest with a bit of an intro.

I’m 32. We live in the outer East of Melbourne, Victoria.  I’m happily married to a wonderful man, who has the same sense of humor, bad luck, idea’s, clumsiness and values as me.  We have 2 kid’s.  A son who has just turned 5 (gee that went fast) and our baby girl who has just turned 3 (not so much a baby anymore though).

We live in a bushy area, on the side of a hill. It has perfect view’s of the neighboring mountains.

I love to Quilt, Sew, Paint, Draw, ahhhh what the hell, if it’s crafty I’m up for it. Except Knitting. Knitting is the one thing my finger’s just don’t get.

Apart from all that there’s not much more I can say.