My neighbor is a blogger too. *waves to Jandy*

Jandy is always making list’s (you know you love list’s J). The list I love the most “32 things”. It’s a list of 32 things she wants to do before the 1st of September 2010. So in honor of “32 things” I am going to make a list of “33 thing’s before 34”. I turn 33 this year, and the list will be 33 thing’s I want to do before I turn 34. Make sense? Good, got it… OK. 😛

“33 Thing’s before 34”

1. Have a holiday outside my home state.

2. Renovate the outside of our house.

3. Visit more “BIG” things -at least 5.

In Australia we have a lot of big things. Big Pineapple, Big Banana.

I have always loved these, and want to see more of them.

4. Finish 5 Work In Progress Quilt’s. You know the one’s you just never get to.

5. Hand make all Birthday gift’s for the year.

6. Learn and make a quilt with Paper piecing (paper piecing scare’s me)

7. Let a Hairdresser cut, colour and style my hair without my influence. Just let her go wild 🙂

8. Send Birthday card’s to all my friend’s.

Birthday’s are usually a thing that get’s forgotten as you get older.

I don’t want to forget their Birthday’s.  I have forgotten for the last couple of years. 😦

9. Make a Veggie Patch and start growing our own Veggies.

10. Make 5 item’s of clothing for each of my kid’s that they WILL wear.

11. Do a good deed for someone without them asking for help.

12. Participate in a photo scavenger hunt. And blog it.

13. Participate in 10 group activities online.

Swap’s, Round Robins, Blogtoberfest 2010….

anything to become more involved with my bloggy friends.

14. ♥ Take my Husband on a date. ♥

15. Send a message in a bottle.

16. Send a Secret to Post Secret.

17. Take a cooking class

18. Take a road trip with no destination in mind

19. Have a girl’s night, complete with junk food, movies and PJ’s.

20. Plant 10 new plant’s around our property.

21. Get my nail’s done.

22. Have a Halloween Costume Party in 2010.

23. Have a week technology free. No TV, no internet.

24. Find 30 new blog’s and leave comment love on how good their blog is.

Blog’s that don’t get a lot of comment’s, or don’t get any at all.

Everyone need’s comment love!

25.  Spend a day at the beach, building sandcastles with my family.

26. Put up a Bird feeder.

27. Get a rain gauge.

29. Send a friend an unexpected care package, and make their day.

30. Sell a quilt. On etsy, ebay or madeit.

31.Visit and catch up with Friends more often.

32.Tell and show the people I love, that I love them, more often.

33. Quit smoking.

(i know I know, a dirty habit, that’s why I want to quit)

I know you want to join in! So make your own list and then let me know you have done it, in this post. I will add a blog roll list in my sidebar and add you in when you have your list up. We can then help each other to make sure we complete our list’s before our goal date’s.  You also have to blog each achievement, and add pictures if you can too (we all love seeing what you have done, good excuse to blog too). The thing’s on your list have to achievable. They can be as big or little as you like. They have to be thing’s you want to do. Add the list to your sidebar so you can see it, and remember what you would like to achieve. And your list does not have to be long, if you only want 4 thing’s on your list, or 10, maybe you can think of 50!!  Make it as big or little as you want, it’ doesn’t have to be by your next birthday, it could be by the end of 2010, just make sure you do set an end date, so you know when you hope to finish your list by.

Maybe I should make some kind of button for it too, that we can have on our blog’s.  Any idea’s on what we can call it? Birthday List? Give me some idea’s.

♥ Looking forward to seeing your list’s ♥

And with all these new people popping in, leave me a message to let me know you’ve popped by, how else will I visit your blog 🙂