My poor blog, all lonely and forgotten about. Nevermind, I’m back!!

I have started a new quilt.

I always love starting a new quilt. Look at all this material, yummy!! I will admit that this is only 3/4 of the material I need for the quilt. Not including binding, backing or boarder’s.

Monster #1
I’m still not sure about this one. I think the green ring is what’s making me not like it. I’ll have to make another ring and see if it look’s any better.

Monster #2
This one is a cutie!

Monster #3
This guy look’s much better in person. Keep in mind, I haven’t done any stitching detail yet.

3 Monster’s down and 7 to go. Then about 500 circles to make. What have I gotten myself into?? Hhahaha. Catch you soon!