Miss me? Didn’t think so hehehe.

There really are no excuses for my absence. Life just got in the way, but I still should have made time!

I have many different things to blog about!

Let’s talk about Hexagons!

I went to the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Sew Day last Sunday, and I sat and chatted with Adele while she did a little sewing on her Hex quilt. She then started to show me just how easy making these little Hex’s were. What she didn’t mention was how addictive it could be. So since Sunday I have started this…..

I have no plan of design, I am just doing what I feel like at the time. My poor sore fingers, they aren’t coping with all the hand sewing, but they will get over it heehehe.

I’m hoping to get more post’s up today, but we will see how distracted I get, I hear my Hex’s calling me now……