Some of the swaps in blogging/flickr world have got me down lately.  To the point where I’m not 100% sure I want to participate anymore.  I have received everything I have been promised (plus extras from a few nice people), which is not the issue, it’s the Thank You at the end.  I rarely get it.

I go to a lot of trouble for my swaps.  I have had no internet for the past 6 weeks and the main thing I was worried about was the swaps I was involved in.  I wanted to make sure I could post and let them know I had received their item and that I wasn’t ungrateful.  I even messaged one swap partner to let her know I had received her item and how wonderful it was.  But due to having broken internet and using a dongle that hardly worked, I would be unable to post a picture in the group until I got internet back.  And she was fine with that!  Since having internet again,  I posted a picture in the group and thanked her AGAIN.  But I was to then find out she hadn’t posted a picture of mine.  It had been 4 weeks since she got it, and I had not even received a Thank you. 😦

Another swap and a person had thanked everyone in the group individually, except me.  She posted a picture of everyone’s item, except mine. Why?

I know we may not always like what we get from a swap, hell I have had some crappy items sent to me, but no matter what I think of the item, I always always say Thank You.  I thought it was an unwritten rule?

I don’t care about the quality of the item, I care that someone gave it a go, and they did their best.  Just like me.  I give it one hell of a go, and I try my hardest.  I don’t care if the person at the other end hates what I made, thats ok!  We can’t always get everything right.  But I do care if I don’t get a Thanks.

Am I being stupid?  Is it just me?

What do you think?  Should every swapper say a Thank You at minimum?