When a girl needs to Zentangle she needs supplies.


So starting with pens/pencils. For the pencil I use HB. And for the pens I use Faber-Castell 4 Pitt artist pens. I also have an eraser, just in case.
I have by my side a couple of Zentangle books, so that if I get stuck for ideas I have something to refer to.
I also have coloured Fine Point pens, for when colour is needed.
And lastly I have my sketch pad. And what’s that I see?? My latest Zentangle.

I have a small canvas that I have been using to test all my pens, coloured pens, markers, text as and pencils on. Because I have an idea.
How cool would it be to have your very own Zentangle canvas?!?!?! Super cool I say. I have been drafting ideas, googling ideas and testing my supplies. And I think I am almost ready to start the canvas. So stay tuned!