Over the next few posts, I am going to talk about some pretty special people in my life. Distance has no effect on our relationships, and if anything, these friendships are more precious than any friendships I have back home.

These girls are always around for me and each other. We encourage each other to try new things(bwhahaha), we help out each other with problems, we talk shit about our day and these girls make me laugh so hard. Wet my pants hard!

We are crazy. Bat shit crazy. So crazy that we get each others crazy. I feel sorry for the husbands of these girls, they must have sore necks from shaking their heads at our crazy. I know mine does, every time the mobile goes “ding” it’ll be another FB message, he looks and says “Do I need to even ask?” No dear, you don’t need to ask.

They know who they are. Old friends and new ones too!  I love them all, in their own “special” ways!

Enough of the mushy crap cat.

Now the rains have stopped, I can get some things out into the sunshine, take pictures of them and share them with you all. Which is probably only those that I am talking about above, but hey, thats OK 😀

And yes SOME of us have slept this close before, bwhahaha sammich time!